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John 3:16    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that 
whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.      (KJV)

The painting projects are divided into three skill levels and displayed in eight galleries with links at
the top of the menu.  Each one is numbered to make it easy for you to find in the menu.
SPE VIDEO GALLERY (pre-100 Series) Skill Level One: Small, fast, Simple Painting Exercises
                               for beginning painters featuring a short video and palette info.

 (100 Series) Skill Level One: For New and Beginning Painters

BASICS GALLERY (200 Series) Skill Level Two: For Beginners with Practice

INTERMEDIATE GALLERY (300 Series) Skill Level Three: For Intermediate Painters

SPECIAL INTEREST GALLERY (400 Series) Various Skill Levels: Potpourri of Subjects

REFERENCE GALLERY (500 Series) Reference Pieces and Studies 

ABSTRACT GALLERY (8000 Series) Painting Idea Images in Mixed Media, mostly Miniatures

VINTAGE VAULT (9000 Series) Projects from my old weekly pain
ting classes. (some with student notes)
         To access my current YouTube Channel, CLICK HERE. 
Many of the painting ideas and exercises can be found in the Menu (left) with most listed by number.

We take pride in operating and adding to this website for your enjoyment and enlightenment
along with ours.  We don't advertise or promote on-line or anywhere else in order to keep operations
fun and simple.  It's a "labor-of-love" endeavor that's provided for your enjoyment and the 
glorification of God's creation through painting. 
You'll find Step-by-Step Lesson Notes that summarize the instruction in the 100-400 DVD series and
unreleased 500 DVD series.  Lesson notes are provided for several of the 9000 Vintage Vault series of
weekly classes I taught back in the '90s and early 2000s.  The 8000 Abstract series is an image gallery.  

The information on this instructional website is presented in good faith for use by adults
only and no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed.  Be sure to thoroughly read and
observe the instructions, cautions, and warnings for all products use to complete any or all
of the projects on this website to ensure their proper and safe use.  Since we* have no
control over the physical conditions surrounding the application of information herein
contained, we disclaim any liability for untoward results, damages, losses, or injuries.

*Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement Pages.
Vintage Vault Thumbnails
                     Formerly Oil Painting Classes on DVD with Walt Burger
     I now use Water Mixable Oils and Mediums in my studio.  Highly Recommended!                                  
176 Free Lesson Notes available!   
Re-edits of all 89 Out of Print DVD Videos (148 different, shortened versions) and 
 most of the newer YouTube Videos can be found in the VIDEOS links (Top Left)
For a larger image and Free Lesson Notes, click on the corresponding number in the Menu (Left).
Miniature Abstract Gallery, in part (Just for Fun)
Based on picture from R.D. Based on picture from R.D.
     Free Lesson notes for all 89 Old Original DVDs (101 thru 417) 
   55 Free Essential Lesson Notes & Quick Guides (501 thru 555)
  32 Free Vintage Student Notes from the '90s (9001 thru 9032)
10 Listed & Unlisted Small Scale YouTube Videos with links below each.
with more than 250 Unlisted and Listed YouTube Videos
Just click the corresponding number in the menu.
 This website is dedicated to the memory of the great TV artist William (Bill) Alexander, 
   who re-introduced alla prima (wet-on-wet) oil painting to the world, and to the memory  
 of his best known protege, Bob Ross, who followed in his footsteps.
 More than 360 Painting Ideas and Exercises
GoDaddy plans to drop this website soon.  With special thanks to my helpers,
the NEW WEBSITE IS UP AND GOING!  It's a bit smaller, but still contains
most of the instructional stuff.  To see it,
                       Painting with a Smile!


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